Weight Loss and Becoming a Smarter Eater

Founder, The Oaks at Ojai

By the time you read this either you’re keeping your New Year’s Resolutions or you’re still negotiating with yourself to get back to them. If those resolutions included eating healthier, eating fresher foods and eating fewer calories, I’ve got great news for you. It’s never been easier. To achieve fat loss through healthy eating it’s… Read more »

Holiday Havoc Ahead? Plan Now


Granted, the December holidays are a million years away, or so it seems.  But if you look at the calendar, you’ll notice that it’s going to be fall and then Halloween and Thanksgiving and, okay you get the picture.  What is “holiday havoc” and why should we care? This is a funny way of saying… Read more »

20 Tips to Stay Fit for Life

Sheila Cluff, founder of The Oaks at Ojai

Is staying fit and active high on your list of essentials for 2014?  That’s smart and by doing so, for instance, you could become happier.  It’s true.  Studies prove that working out on a regular basis can help alleviate those blue moods many experience.  More so, improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular… Read more »

Find and Hire a Trainer

Personal Training

Regardless of the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, right now might be a grand time to consider an option that was once open only to the rich and famous. You might want to hire a fitness trainer and super charge your workout. Before you open the telephone book or call a… Read more »

Tips for Active Retirement

Founder, The Oaks at Ojai

Retirement?  Does the word make you sigh?  Or are you there already and sigh because, well, quite honestly it’s not what you thought it would be? There is a boatload of material on the Internet and maybe in your living room about things to do when you retire, but what this material rarely says is… Read more »

A Sedentary Lifestyle Hurts

Sheila Cluff, founder, The Oaks at Ojai

Did you just read the title of this column and say, “Ouch”?  Good, because the future looks pretty grim for those who don’t move. I wish the truth were otherwise, but most of us spend far too much of our lives sitting.  Yes, the joy requires it, but what is all that sedentary time doing… Read more »