Body Treatments

The town of Ojai is known as a mecca for body workers and healers. Our Licensed Massage Therapists will have you feeling restored and refreshed. Oaks Spa Guests can book appointments at the Front Desk upon arrival. Live locally? Try a Day of Pampering at The Oaks!

Ultimate Massage Collection - 75 minutes $135
A wonderful sampler of six of The Oak’s popular massages including Swedish, hot rock,, reflexology, aromatherapy and Joint Health, all in one luxurious treatment.
Sweet Slumber Massage - 75 minutes $135
This is a 75 minute Aromatherapy Swedish Massage with organic lavender essential oil.  Enjoy a 50 minute Swedish massage with the lavender oil and an additional 25 minutes of head and foot massage.  The treatment ends with the additional relaxing effect of a lavender eye pillow while your feet are massaged.
Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - 50/75 minutes $90/$135
A full body salt stone massage profoundly balances the central nervous system.  The healing energy of the 84 minerals found in the hot salt stones is absorbed through the skin.  The combination of massage and heat is very soothing.
Joint Health Arnica Massage -50/75 minutes $90/$135
The herb Arnica (Arnica Montana) has been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500’s to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation and heal wounds.  The Oaks has developed a treatment with an arnica + glucosamine cream treatment that focuses on relieving joint pain.  It’s a wonderful way to recover from a day of workouts – or to soothe those with chronic joint pain.
Sports Massage - 50/75 minutes $95/$140
For those looking for a firm and vigorous massage.  This massage specializes in specific needs and target areas for sore muscles.
Acupressure Massage for Metabolism - 50/75 minutes $90/$135
Drawing on the ancient Chinese acupuncture method used for weight loss, we combine Swedish massage and gentle pressure (no needles!) to stimulate similar results.  This principle is based on strengthening the endocrine and digestive systems.
Relaxing Swedish Massage - 50/75 minutes $85/$120
The long, flowing, rhythmic strokes are excellent to relax and rejuvenate the body system.  This technique will help to relieve the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles that occurs during exercise and stress.  This can be done with light or medium touch.
Aromatherapy Massage - 50/75 minutes $90/$135

Aromatherapy massage includes a full body massage utilizing the positive effects of aromatic essential oils to enhance the service.  The positive effects are achieved by both inhaling the aroma of the essential oils and by having the essential oils absorbed by the skin.  The Oaks offers a choice of four unique blends.

Restorative, Tranquility, Warming or Cleansing/Toning.

Pregnancy Massage - 50 minutes $85
To make the mother and baby most comfortable, the woman is massaged while positioned on her side.  Cushions and/or pillows are used to add support and comfort.  Side positioning encourages optimal circulation thru the Vena Cava.  Special care to avoid particular pressure pressure points is taken as well as use of a lighter, relaxing and circulation enhancing touch. Body Massage - 50 minutes $90 is designed for the needs of those who tend to hold tension in areas of the upper body, which is a common condition for those who spend time on the computer and other desk activities.  Areas of primary focus include the upper back, neck and shoulders, arms and lower back.  The treatment concludes with a printed handout listing suggested exercises designed to help prevent fatigue in these same areas.
Spa Reflexology (non diagnostic) - 50 minutes $90
Reflexology assists the body in releasing the energy blocks thereby increasing overall relaxation.  Your technician will spend time on your feet, hands, neck and head.  A reflexology session can enhance the well-being of all internal organs through the stimulation of reflex points.
Reiki (Energy Touch) - 50 minutes $85
Reiki, pronounced “Ray-Key”, is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, a form of “hands on healing” with origins traced to Tibet over 2,000 years ago.  Reiki charges the energy field of the client with positive energy, clearing blocked pathways, enabling the life force to flow freely and naturally.  The Oaks offers a 50-minute introduction to this alternative relaxation and healing technique, providing the client the opportunity to experience this natural flow of healing energy.  This is not a massage.  The practitioner places their hands on or just above various areas of the body, keeping them still, thereby acting as a conduit for the healing energy.
Mind, Body Package - 100 minutes $160.00
A Swedish Massage and Reiki (Energy Touch)