It’s not just what you lose. It’s what you gain.

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially completed the first phase of restoration! Our incredible ServPro team has deep cleaned the property from top to bottom and in some areas, the results are pretty dramatic:

We are heading into the next phase of renovations; construction.
Our focus is now on repairing and replacing areas that still contain residual material from the wildfire. As a health destination, we are taking extra precautions recommended by wildfire experts to ensure that you can take deep, cleansing breaths when you return for your next stay.

As always we are grateful to the amazing First Responders that kept our beautiful town and spa alive, and thank you to the community who continue to support us through this challenging time.

IMG_2865-1024x768 It’s not just what you lose. It’s what you gain.


The people who choose the Oaks at Ojai year after year are wise enough to understand what really matters. Weight loss, yes. Fun fitness and healthy delicious meals, of course. Outstanding spa treatments, absolutely. However the Oaks unique location and atmosphere truly does offer more. A casual, supportive environment. Peace and solitude. Laughter and friendship. All-inclusive affordability. Plus, everything you need to develop smart, sustainable & healthy habits. Welcome to the Oaks at Ojai.


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