Your Body = Your Holiday Lab

Often when I talk I use the phrase, “Your body as a lab” to encourage guests to be OBSERVANT as they are making choices leading to changes. This Holiday Season, maybe you’re willing to try a little experiment with me?

The “Scientific Method” asks a question, constructs a hypothesis, tests it experimentally, analyzes the data, then draws a logical conclusion. Question:  Can I do things more healthfully this year and still enjoy myself?  Hypothesis: Modifying consumption coupled with moderate exercise will result in weight maintenance VS.  gain this holiday season.

Here’s the Test:
Plan strategically to do things differently when out shopping, while attending gatherings, and in what you stock and how you consume at home.

DON’T QUIT EXERCISING! Even 20 minutes a day will help a lot if you can’t do your regular full workouts. Something is always better than nothing- keep moving!Do a Journalling/Thinking Exercise stating your short term healthy holiday goals and clearly lay out what you see as your historical obstacles- what people, places and particulars tempt you every year to “over do”? Come up with a plan to do it differently!

Shopping Tips
*Don’t go hungry! Eat something nutritious before leaving and avoid the food courts and sweet kiosks! Beware the sweet, hot drinks, also. Spend your calories wisely!
*Park far away!  Forget the cute heels, wear walking shoes and move it!
*Smile! It’s amazing how our mood can change with that simple facial expression. *Look people in the eye, say thank you, slow down, and make everyone’s day nicer, including your own! Being nice to yourself will make you kinder to others too!

Social Gathering Tips
*Don’t go to events hungry! Eat a little something of nutritional value at home.
*Have double the water of any alcohol you consume before you consider a 2nd (or 3rd) drink- choose wine over sweet drinks.
*Sit down! Don’t walk or stand with food. Take what you think you are comfortable with, then look at what you picked again- is it worth it?
*Slow down! Don’t gobble. Eat slowly, chew, enjoy, and stop when you’re full
*Buffet? Look at all of it before choosing any of it. Pick fresh, real foods first, then  sweets you really want last and sparingly.

Stocking & Consumption Tips
*Don’t buy for the masses if there are just two of you.
*Get what you actually need for recipes or occasions in the near future
*If you get a lot of goodies as gifts and can’t say no to them, bring them to work or to a rest home, or package them for the homeless. Point- get them out of your sight!

*Make every meal an opportunity to be a “conscientious consumer.” Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want this? Is it worth it? Could I make a better choice?

We really do have the right, opportunity, and power to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY this season. You’re not a lab rat, but you CAN experiment with your healthy choices!

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