Busy, but Healthy Eating

Instead of my own thoughts, this blog comes from my youngest daughter, Kimberly!  I may be partial, but I think she’s spot-on!

Having grown up in a household where sugar cereal was a stranger and Twinkies never made it through the front door, I have been relatively comfortable most of my life with eating well. I use the term “well” intentionally, I am always working on increasing my green intake, I am usually steering clear of fried or processed foods but I’m known to indulge occasionally in my favorite frozen yogurt or a square (or three!) of dark chocolate.

But I find my “eating well” mantra really tested when I am in high gear with work (home is always high gear, do kids have a low gear?). As an attorney, I travel two to three days a week for work and the work is intense. So over time I have figured out, or copied from others, a few tricks to maintain my “eating well” mantra even while on the road or in the courtroom.

The beauty of a jar!

I love to reuse jars, apple sauce, pasta sauce, salsa…they are all great. Almost every morning I make some kind of green smoothie. My favorite is equal parts spinach, celery and Romaine lettuce plus one apple, one pear and juice of one lemon. I pour my smoothie into a clean jar, screw on the lid and I am off with a portable, delicious breakfast. And once I have finished it off (often at my desk or at an airport) I just toss the jar into a recycling bin and move on.

Who can’t find a burrito place?

Burritos are my go-to food on the road for a few reasons. First, there are burrito places everywhere. Second, with the right ingredients they can be very healthy. Third, they travel well. My burritos are generally black beans, brown rice, salsa and guacamole. I skip the cheese and sour cream and just ask for some extra guacamole. Avocados are amazingly healthy!

What’s your snack?

When I am really under stress I often want to eat. For years I kind of beat myself up for this, I didn’t like the idea that I was an “emotional eater”. But a few years ago I just embraced that I need to snack sometimes, so I set out to find snacks within my mantra of “eating well”. My current favorites are coconut flakes or chips, some do have some added sugar, frozen red grapes and of course, popcorn (hold the butter but add a little salt).

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