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Wine? OH!

When I came to the Oaks in 2000 I was 40 years old. I discovered something my first year working here- that alcohol consumption, particularly wine, was a definite factor  negatively effecting the lives of the average guest- a 50-70 year old woman! I was accustomed to asking questions about eating habits, but I learned… Read more »

Brain, Brain – Don’t Go Away

Your brain is involved in all aspects of day-to-day living, and the long, slow decline of “brain power” is NOT inevitable. Every human brain is wired differently, so part of our life journey is coming to understand our wiring so we work with our brain to learn, not against it. Within those differences in how… Read more »

Healthy Legacy

We are celebrating Mothers and Daughters this whole month here at the Oaks. It’s a wonderful time of connection and laughter and love here for staff and guests alike. The Oaks and a Spa Experience is one of many wonderful things moms we see are passing down to their daughters. So looking back, what did… Read more »

What Do YOU Do?

I am often asked this question by guests wondering about my personal habits with food and exercise, so this month, I’m going to give you my latest and greatest habits and tips! If I could choose one word that defines me in most ways it’s CONSISTENT. I’m not always right, or good, but I’m pretty… Read more »

What To Do With Stress

We will never fully evade stress in this life, but we can learn to more effectively control, manage, and relieve our stressors- whatever they are! Stress comes our way through people, places, or things. The intrusion of that stressor alters the state we were in mentally or physically, creating tension that we can feel both… Read more »

Find and Hire a Trainer

Regardless of the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, right now might be a grand time to consider an option that was once open only to the rich and famous. You might want to hire a fitness trainer and super charge your workout. Before you open the telephone book or call a… Read more »

Your Body = Your Holiday Lab

Often when I talk I use the phrase, “Your body as a lab” to encourage guests to be OBSERVANT as they are making choices leading to changes. This Holiday Season, maybe you’re willing to try a little experiment with me? The “Scientific Method” asks a question, constructs a hypothesis, tests it experimentally, analyzes the data,… Read more »