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Lifetime Wellness Strategies

A few weeks ago a group of women, close friends from college, had a reunion at the spa.  I spent an incredible evening with them and I can’t remember laughing so much.  Then one started talking about raising healthy children.  She was an expert, of sorts, as she and her spouse had two sets of… Read more »

Damage Control

These are, “I think I can do that,” small preventative changes you can make NOW as we head into holiday season- this year avoid the all too familiar January “Damage Control!” You know the drill- Halloween candy started it, we’re ready to roll into Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years Eve and by January 2nd we… Read more »

Time to Improve Your Balance NOW

Recently I watched as a group of kids, including one of my “grands,” were playing.  There was a giggling competition to see who could balance standing on one foot for the longest time. How long could you balance that way? That happy competition got me thinking about a statistic I recently read that each year… Read more »

Anxiety, Stress and Your Health

Choose your term of choice- stressed, anxious, apprehensive, concerned, afraid….all of these negative emotions, if not handled correctly, can compromise your health and sense of wellbeing! Stress and anxiety are going to come our way, it’s a part of life for all of us, it’s more about examining what we can do to AVOID what… Read more »

Eyes on the Prize

In any life venture it is extremely valuable to be goal oriented. Now and again we have to remind ourselves as to WHY we are doing WHAT we’re doing! What is the specific result we are hoping for? Knowing what we’re aiming at improves our focus and motivates us to stay on course. In case… Read more »

Stay Healthy This Winter

What if I told you that possibly doing one small thing before and after you go to the fitness center (or school, the mall, your office or other public places) could keep you healthier this winter? I just posed this question to a busy health professional and found the answer.   Instinctively I knew the… Read more »

Chill Out and Reduce Stress

It’s been a typical week as you inch through traffic.  You worked overtime twice and you’re totally wiped out.  You and the kids had fast food three times because you didn’t have time to shop or cook.  Your house looks like a hurricane hit and book club meets there tomorrow night.  And you still didn’t… Read more »