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Mother Daughter Healthy Legacy

We do this wonderful “thing” three times a year here at the Oaks called Mother/Daughter week(s) and it has become a Spa Cult Classic among our loyal guests for so many reasons! This month I am highlighting just a few of our mothers and daughters and their reasons for choosing the Oaks! “My daughter and… Read more »

Live a Little More

Whether just yesterday you discovered that first gray hair or it happened during the last millennium, do you wonder what it will take to stay in good health for years ahead?   As a mom and grandmother, I plan to be around a good long time to have fun with my family. So I began… Read more »

Food as Fuel

Truth be told, I never liked the word diet.  It has connotations of reducing the foods you love, hunger pains, boredom and even depression.  There is nothing wrong with food.  It’s the fuel that keeps our bodies moving, repairing themselves and doing all the incredible things that bodies do. So why deprive the body of… Read more »

Sneak Fitness Into Your Shower

Ben Franklin, one of the founders of this country, said, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”  With everything we do these days, Ben wouldn’t be able to keep up with those of us who could hold an Olympic Gold Medals in Multitasking. That’s why sharing “sneaky fitness tips” has always… Read more »

Outdoor Rx

Three cheers!  Winter is a thing of the past.  Here in California we’re always thankful for rain, but too much was too much.  Now that the days are lighter later longer, as a friend likes to say, it’s time to get outdoors and get (or stay) fit.  Need more reasons to get out and enjoy… Read more »

Busy, but Healthy Eating

Instead of my own thoughts, this blog comes from my youngest daughter, Kimberly!  I may be partial, but I think she’s spot-on! Having grown up in a household where sugar cereal was a stranger and Twinkies never made it through the front door, I have been relatively comfortable most of my life with eating well…. Read more »

It’s Spring, Push Yourself Ahead!

Daylight savings time jumps at us with the enthusiasm of a joyful five-year old that cannot wait to get out and play.  That’s why I like it and with that extra time in the evenings it’s perfect to re-establish determination to get and stay healthy, flexible and youthful, regardless of the date on our driver’s… Read more »

Face Facts

Let’s face it.  Mother Nature and Father Time, who I teasingly call our biological parents, always are at work on that image we look at in the mirror.   If you’re over 35 and haven’t given your face much thought, you’re lying to the image in that mirror because you must take time to maintain healthy… Read more »