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Becoming Accountable

Hi, this is Elizabeth Horton.  I’m the web person that brings you the wonderful news written by Nancy Radding, Christine Denney and the amazing Sheila Cluff, the experts at The Oaks at Ojai.  I’ve worked at The Oaks since 1981, surrounded by health and fitness gurus, news and motivation.  Finally, this info is beginning to… Read more »

Soda, So Duh!

In the process of “cleaning up” your eating habits in pursuit of being more healthy, don’t forget to clean up your drinking habits as well! I have addressed wine consumption in a previous article and this time I’m tackling SODA! Soda sweetened with sugar should be an obvious no-no, yet sodas are unfortunately noted as the… Read more »

Resolution Needed?

There’s something about January that BEGS for resolution, doesn’t it? Can’t say I’ve ever been a big New Years Resolution fan, but I am a believer that any day is a good day to decide to make good, healthy, positive changes. So this is a working article- you do the work of answering these questions and they may spark… Read more »

A Dog Can Improve Your Health!

It’s not a stretch to say that our pets really do improve our health profile, if we are being good care givers, especially to our canine family members! October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog” month so if you’ve been on the fence about having a pet, especially a doggie, let me encourage you to say YES! Having… Read more »

Work – Don’t OVER Work

As most of you know, I lecture at The Oaks at Ojai once or twice a week on some aspect of health, along the lines of these Fit Notes. My topic this week was “Healthier People are Happier People.” It wasn’t meant to be trite- I really believe this, that the healthier we become on every… Read more »

Olympian Attitude

Recently my daughter stated the obvious- Emmy, (my almost one year old grand daughter), is, well “quirky”. We laughed, because my daughter’s a little quirky, and I’m just plain weird! I have odd, but for me, happy thoughts when I’m out walking or riding my bike- I charge a hill or run a block and… Read more »

What Do YOU Do?

I was recently asked this question by a guest who listened to one of my lectures, which is general, and wanted to know specifically what I personally do with my food and exercise habits. (She was impressed that I’m 52, and also asked me if I have had any “work” done. The answer is, “no”,… Read more »