Getting a Good Health “Grade”

Didn’t you love it when you were in school and the teacher returned a paper with a big red A or A+ on it? I surely did! So here’s my question- if you were to grade your current overall health status, what would that grade be? What grade would your doctor give you? Are you OK with your grade, or do you want to improve your health GPA?

In the School of Overall Health, there are many subjects. If you break it down further, you may find that you are an A student on some levels, average on others, and nearly failing somewhere else. So how would you grade your thought life? Are you an A Positive Thinker or a D or F Negative Thinker? As go the thoughts go the feelings, which lead to attitudes and behaviors, so you WANT A GOOD GRADE in Thought Life 101.

Emotional Stability may be fed by thoughts, but your emotions can also shift with situations, relationships, and events. The best grade goes to those who remain AWARE of their feelings, then RESPOND (vs. knee jerk react) in a mature and helpful way to what they are feeling. What kind of grade does your overall emotional state receive?

How about those key relationships? One false move and things can change rather rapidly between you and your spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, friend or coworker, right? So think about what is current and real in those all important key relationships. There may be an apology needed or a fence mended or an explanation given to change your grade there!

Who you are at the core is wrapped up in what you believe. Are you walking your own talk or have you fallen off your own faith wagon? To get an A in this subject you need to be clear about, exemplifying and growing in what you believe.

Work needs to be put in its place. If you live to work and identify yourself based on your occupation, this outlook earns you a low mark. Yes, you should WANT to be excellent at what you do- you should care and give it your all- when you’re there. But to get a high mark you need to be well rounded and willing to leave work at work! Do your best, be your best by balancing work with other essential life elements.

Oh the bod. You knew we would get here. So how comfy are you these days in your own skin? Are you enjoying the optimum health available to you right now or do you need some fresh goals? We don’t want to be neurotic here and never be content with how we look, but we don’t want the bar too low either! So what would you dream about if you were in the best place possible physically? Factor in realistically your age, the rest of your life, your body type and genetics then give yourself a grade based on what is right now. If you’re not happy with that grade, what will you do to make it better?

To change how you look and feel you must always combine your nutritional plan with your exercise plan. One without the other just doesn’t work for most people! So what kind of grade does your fitness program get? Are you consistently integrating cardio, strength training, and stretching into your week? Your body needs a combination of the three. I don’t want to pass over the word CONSISTENT. The healthiest people are the ones that have made their health a regular life priority. I personally see that as my greatest life asset in every area- I am very disciplined and very consistent in my habits and patterns! I suggest WEEKLY 3-4 Cardio hours, 3 strong strength/toning sessions, and daily stretch. Up your grade by upping the amount of time and the intensity of your workouts!

To get the best Nutritional Grade you need to eat the best stuff in the right amounts. So too much of a good thing is still too much! It’s important to know what real food is and to eliminate processed, packaged, refined and fast foods from your life. Real food, fresh as possible is like high octane gas. You will eliminate the “pings” and everything will run smoother. And by the way you will literally eliminate better! So what’s your Food Philosophy? What does healthy eating mean to you? Are you a healthy eater? What kind of grade do you give yourself today and are you happy with that grade?

Well students, that’s enough for today. You have your homework. Please turn it in to yourself within the next few days complete with your realistic and measurable goals.

Have a healthy year! Come home to the Oaks and hit that healthy reset button!

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