Good Fat/Bad FAt

We have become a “Fat Phobic” people, yet we are still an overweight nation. We need a healthy, true view on FAT

In reality, your overall intake should include 25-30% GOOD fat, which is the unsaturated kind, fat that is liquid at room temperature and comes from a plant such as organic non GMO cold pressed olive, flax, hazelnut, avocado, almond etc. Coconut Oil is also a great, especially for cooking as some oils break down under high heat and not great for cooking. Unsaturated fats tend to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and can also be found in omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish like salmon, ground flaxseed, avocados, olives, nuts.

These GOOD fats in the right amounts protect your heart, carry vitamins and minerals throughout the body, lube hair & skin from the inside out, help keep your body warm, and give energy and a sense of fullness. They are necessary for cellular structure and for making hormones. Too LITTLE good fat in the diet may trigger cravings!

BAD fats are saturated fats and trans fats, found in most packaged, fried, and refined foods like deep fried food, chips, processed candy, and snacks.  Meat and poultry, whole milk products, butter, and mayonnaise also have saturated fat, but as natural products, these food groups can be taken in reasonably and not eliminated completely as part of a balanced diet.

Here’s the deal- focusing on fat is NOT the issue! You can go “low fat” and still be eating poorly and too much. According to Science Daily (Dec. 9, 2006), a Cornell University study showed people eat an average of 28% more total calories when they eat low-fat snacks instead of regular ones. The CORRECT focus is to eat the CORRECT amount of calories balanced daily between ALL of the healthy, real food groups and then balance that food intake with exercise! It is ESSENTIAL that you know personally how many calories you are entitled to daily. I know, same old, same old, but that’s just what it is. (Your real enemy is SUGAR, not FAT!)

The whole low fat snack phenomenon has NOT helped people to lose weight. It mentally justifies eating the processed product because it’s “low fat”, therefore seemingly safe, but whoa baby, check the sugars and overall calories. In reality, most low fat snack consumers are overweight or obese. People believe they will feel less guilty eating the low-fat foods, so they tend to overindulge.

Eating food which is naturally low in fat and calories is a better route than relying on fat substitutes or artificial sweeteners (another article!) You’d be better off to give yourself a small window (about 200 calories a day) for real stuff- like dark chocolate- and OWN that treat- enjoy those calories as part of life.
Whatever you do, DO think this week about the fats you are consuming. Are they GOOD fats, or are they BAD fats?

FAT Blessings, Nancy

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