From the healthy kitchen of Christine Denney, Chef at The Oaks at Ojai

Grilled Summer Fruits

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Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots or…use your imagination!


This particular treatment of fruit is best done with slightly under ripe or barely ripe fruit. Cut each fruit in half; brush each surface with olive oil (using a little nut oil such as walnut oil gives it even more complexity of flavors) and a little balsamic vinegar.

Place cut side down on a heated grill or barbeque.  You can broil these as well, but then you have to have your oven on when it’s already hot everywhere!  Depending upon the fruit, one-two minutes per side is plenty.  

When you turn the fruit over, place a leaf of mint or basil or rosemary in the hollow of the fruit and grill one-two minutes on the other side.  Remove from grill—place a dollop of goat cheese, bleu cheese or feta in the hollow as well.  Garnish with toasted sliced almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or sunflower seeds.  This makes a delicious first course or a great accompaniment to grilled chicken or fish.

If you wish to pipe a filling into the fruit for a more finished look, consider mixing ¼ cup low fat cream cheese with one of the above, adding chopped herbs and putting the mixture in pastry bag fitted with a decorative tip.  You can then dust with nuts.

It goes without saying that this grilled fruit, done simply with olive oil and mint makes a wonderful receptacle for a sorbet or ice cream finish to a meal.  Mixing one tablespoon of maple syrup to ¼ c. olive oil is especially tasty to brush the fruit  with if you are using for dessert.

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