Happy/Healthy Holidays

So what do you most regret about last year’s celebrations? Remind yourself now so you can intentionally do something, one thing, different this year!

I hate buffets. Anytime food is “laid out” I know that I run a high risk of eating too much and poorly. Note to self, “Be awake when you make your plate and implement your ‘Own what you eat, eat what you love, love what you eat’ philosophy. I never feel good when I overeat or when I eat stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable. How about you?

I believe that every new decision we make sends us one way or the other- towards or away from our goals. We certainly don’t have to be perfect, or beat ourselves up, but we surely can keep our eyes on what we’re aiming for and let our choices help us rather than hurt us, even during the holidays. Celebrations mean food and drink so celebrate! Enjoy! Be social! Be responsible! And maybe do a little less and a little better than you did last year. There will be less mopping up to do come January.

In regard to being happy and healthy, I really believe these two words go together. Happy people, in the overall wellbeing sense of the word, tend to make healthier overall life choices. Healthier people in the real, whole, internal and external sense should arguably be the happiest people on the planet. Happiness as we know, is transient if it’s based on stuff or situations. A life well lived with higher meaning, investing in and  placing value on how we can help and serve others, something that goes beyond our small circle of self, is what psychologists say makes humans the happiest in that deep way.

The holidays always present opportunities to give to those who really could use a helping hand, so go for it! Healthy you is every part of you leaning towards your ideal self in terms of how you think, feel, behave, work, play, worship, interact, love, and live. Take time every day for the next 6 weeks to be quiet, even for 5 minutes. Maybe your regular regime can go on hold, but don’t stop moving! Get a walk in. Stand up more. Park farther away and get a little walking in.  Put a smile on your face and you’ll change your mood and spread some holiday kindness and cheer. Spend less and give more. Don’t go shopping hungry- eat something healthy before you leave home, it may keep you out of trouble in the midst of inevitable temptations.

Same idea for social outings, if you’re not sure what will be served, don’t go there hungry! Eat a little nutritious something first. If you’re including alcohol, drink twice as much water as the first alcoholic drink before you consider the wisdom of a second one. Sit down- don’t walk or stand with food. Once you’re sitting, slow down and chew. Enjoy what you chose, pay attention to when you’re full, then stop eating. When you can, choose plant based foods first, then proteins, than complex carbs, with sweets chosen last and sparingly.

Here’s to a regret free, happy, healthy 2016 Holiday Season

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Happy and Healthy Holidays to all at Oaks Ojai! Hope to be able to come back next year for a few days to recharge! My New Year resolution is to go to Oaks every 2 month for 4 days since our entertainment business is on week ends so I can get away only Sunday-Thursday. Thank you for all you do and I am glad to see some of the same staff is stil on board! Awesome!


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