Healthy Legacy

We are celebrating Mothers and Daughters this whole month here at the Oaks. It’s a wonderful time of connection and laughter and love here for staff and guests alike. The Oaks and a Spa Experience is one of many wonderful things moms we see are passing down to their daughters.

So looking back, what did you’re your mom “leave” you? Or what is she leaving you? And what do you impress upon your own daughters or nieces or other younger women in your life? Whether we mean to or not, our lives are speaking more loudly than our words all of the time. Attitudes, moods, facial expressions and other body language make just as much of an impression on others as do our intentional words and behaviors. We pick up all types subtle and not so subtle reference points that end up shaping us whether we like it or not! Taking the responsibility of being a role model seriously has the positive potential to cause us to be more intentional in regard to sifting through our own priorities, beliefs, and habits and moving every part of our life toward a goal of being worth copying- leaving a healthy legacy.

What were you taught and what have you taught about food? How about exercise? Rest and work in balance? What are your current priorities? (How you spend your time and money is the best gauge of what your priorities are along with what you allow to interrupt you.) How do you view yourself- what’s your body image? How important is that to you? What do you think healthy aging looks like? What was modeled to you? How do you allow/expect yourself to be treated and how do you treat others? How do you want to be remembered? Here’s a great journaling exercise- write your own eulogy. What do hope would be said about you? What would YOU say about you? What else can you think of?

It’s very interesting watching little ones- my granddaughter at 15 months could do a perfect imitation of my daughter hollering at their very yappy little dogs to, “Be quiet!” It was funny, but also very telling. She was not missing a thing. She was watching mama like a hawk and emulating not only her words but her body moves to a T! Most of us have had that moment where we hear ourselves saying or catch ourselves doing the thing we hated hearing said to us or having done to us and swore we would never say or do that but our mom is channeling through us? You catch my drift. Our actions and attitudes really do speak more loudly than our words.

Mother’s Month is a fabulous time to honor our moms for all of the wonderful, sacrificial, fun and good things they have handed down to us. It’s also a fair time to reexamine ourselves to see what parts of our legacy are really not worth handing down to another generation without losing an ounce of honor for the amazing parts.

So Mom, here’s to you! Thanks for all that you did and still do. It took us becoming moms for us to understand the challenges and the joys of motherhood, but we will never stop trying to do our best and to always pursue being better in every way!

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