The Ideal You – What’s Your Vision?

It is important that humans have clarified ideals in every area of life. Just as important as HAVING the ideal is being sure that the ideal is WORTH having…is it personal? Current? Sustainable?

You don’t want to have a “vision of self” that is who you were 20 years ago, or one that you never have been but wish you were, but it would be impossible to achieve at the very least, let alone maintain, or one that sets you on a journey to look like someone else, rather than pursuing the very healthiest and truest version of YOU!

So what’s currently available to you? What would the best, real you look and feel like these days? You want to have an idea of what you’re aiming for! Knowing your genetically rooted body type is a good place to start. There are 3 basic body types, as presented in the 1940s by Dr. William H. Sheldon; the Endomorph, the Mesomorph, and the Ectomorph. Many bodies are a mix of the three basic types.
Endomorphs, simply put, tend towards softness and roundness. Even at a proper body weight the endormorphic body genetically carries the greatest amount of body fat. An Endomorph’s biggest concern should be the losing excess fat and adopting a lifestyle that keeps it off. Cardio is essential for this body, combined with strength training to give the metabolism an optimum “1-2 Punch.”
This body type has the most trouble losing weight, but it’s not impossible! Balanced nutritional intake should be frequent but small- know your daily caloric allowance! Sugars and junky snack foods should be all but eliminated from your diet. Endomorphs will be in psychological trouble if they aim at looking like the other body types. An endomorph at a healthy weight is STILL an endomorph- understanding and accepting what is arguably the least desirable body type according to our Western Ideals is a battle worth fighting inside! Fall in love with being the best, voluptuous, YOU!
Mesomorphs have what appears to be a naturally fit body, (not fair,) but as they age they will still find it necessary to exercise regularly to maintain this naturally stronger physique. Mesomorphs build muscle the most rapidly of the 3 body types, so the effects of strength training in particular are rapidly seen. Those muscles need water and protein, so eat lots of it, drink lots of it, combined with complex carbohydrates along with fresh fruits & veggies if you are this middle body type. Mesomorphs, forget the twiggy look!
Ectomorphs are small boned, more delicate, lightly muscled bodies. It doesn’t mean they can’t be overweight, any of the body types can be, but at a proper weight, they get accused by others (usually one of the other two types) of being UNDER weight! Sigh. It’s always something! Ectomorphs will never look like G.I. Jane and any extra weight is easily spotted, usually right around the middle body! They can handle the most calories and can get away with the lowest amount of cardio. Don’t confuse skinny with healthy though! All body types should be striving for the same balance of good nutrition and the right types and amounts of exercise weekly.
The most important thing to remember is that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. You’re unique and you will be happier learning to love your body rather than bashing it. There may be room for improvement however, so go for it with the positive attitude, combing self love and hard work for desired changes.
Give yourself an affirmation right now about your body- one that you wish someone had given you, or what you would or should tell your daughter, sister, mother, friend, niece, or neighbor about having a healthy vision of self. I know that at 56 I wish I had been more grateful for the body I had at 26, 36, and 46, but like most of us, I have spent too much of my life time criticizing my body instead of being grateful and positive about it!

If your current vision of self needs an adjustment, do it! Create a new ideal, than do what you need to do to bring your reality towards the ideal. You can do it! Nancy
Let the Oaks be a part of your journey!

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