It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You DO!

“I know that!”

I hear those words a lot from wonderful guests who are well-informed and well-intentioned, but frustrated in their journey for health.

I have found in my own life and by observing the lives of others that a little bit of implemented information is  more effective than harboring unused facts.  Do you find it irritating to be around those who talk the health talk but don’t do the health walk?  To obtain our goals, we need every one of these three levels:

  1. Knowledge (what we know)

  2. Understanding (we “get” what we know)

  3. Wisdom (applying what we know)

It’s wisdom that most of us resist, the responsibility of whittling down that vast amount of knowledge in our heads to a usable size and applying it to our actions.

How can we do that?

It requires forming your own philosophy on health:

What results do you want?  What do you really believe about nutrition and exercise?  Do your current beliefs need to be modified in any way?  Are you satisfied with your own health and well-being?  Are you willing to be responsible for your own health?  If not, what practices can you implement that will yield the results you say you want?

Remind yourself of everything that you already know about food and exercise, and empower yourself to be your own best trainer, counselor, advisor, teacher and best buddy.  If someone came to you with your issues, step outside of yourself for a moment, and imagine what you would tell them.    Sift through what you know, and take a look at what you believe to be true:  make a plan based on the knowledge that applies to your own life and circumstance.


  1. Write down five things that a healthy person does every day or every week.

  2. DO those five things for the next month.

  3. Observe any changes in yourself, resistances: write those down too.

  4. Accept the wise woman that you are and model, nurture and mentor yourself in the way you would do for others.

  5. Seek education in any area you feel lacking.

Throw that pebble in the pond and see what ripples it makes!  Find what you love doing that serves your health.  Pursue your health with a vengeance.  Throw more pebbles, make more observations.  Find some consistency in your life with regard to your food and exercise:  it is persistence and consistency that pay the highest health dividends and have the power to bring those ripples home to you!

At the end of the day, it’s not what you know,

it’s what you DO.  Do it for yourself!

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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