I Love The Oaks! How Can I Pull it off at Home?

Every time you come to the Oaks, whether you realize it or not, you are making a choice to come under our “let’s be more healthy” roof! The Oaks wants to help you pursue your healthy goals, here and at home.

If the Oaks “roof” is being healthy, then I see our “pillars” as being our food and exercise program. The “floor” is a foundation of socialization and stress relief. Healthy people NEED a roof and floor- pillars on their own are found only in ruins!

So if the roof is overall health, you need to define what being healthy mean to you. What are you willing to add or take away from your life? Let’s start with thoughts, which affect how we feel from day to day, shifting our attitudes and ultimately behaviors.  So, you can be healthier by paying more attention to what you’re thinking! “The ancestor of every action is a thought” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Other parts of your life include the health of key relationships- does something need to change for the better? Take a fresh look with courage. Your spiritual life should also be fine tuned as you pursue better health. Remind yourself of your core values, exemplify your beliefs, and invest in what is truly meaningful to you.

If you are in the work force or involved any volunteer work, seek balance here. Balanced workers- those who have a life outside of work and set healthy work boundaries- are actually proven to be BETTER workers. You need a full day of rest weekly. Healthy people work hard but know when it’s time to stop working!

I mentioned that I see the foundation, or floor of the Oaks as a combination of socialization and stress relief. Our “camp” environment- group activities and shared meals- creates a camaraderie that is an essential part of the Oaks experience, right?

So, in your own real life, make sure that you are carving time daily or weekly for pleasing interactions with other humans. We all have challenging people in our world, being healthy doesn’t mean we have to evict them, but we do want to balance those that empty us with those that fill us up emotionally. Healthy people know how to enjoy silence and solitude without isolating. We need each other! Speaking of stressful people, along with them we all have other places and things in our lives that are stressful.I love seeing guests “unplug” from those stressors while they’re at the Oaks. In the home environment we will never fully escape stressors; it’s what we do next that matters! Healthy people learn to let go of stressors they are not in direct control of, and learn to address directly and productively the stressors they can and should control. Unsure how to qualify? Read a BOUNDARY book!

Stress is still stressful, whether or not you can control it, so healthy people pursue avenues to release, relieve, and manage their stress. The two Oaks Pillars- exercise and nutritional eating- are the first two ways. Have you heard of stress eating? When you know you’re under stress it’s essential to carve time for exercise, and say no to comfort food, too much alcohol or sugar, etc. If you regret eating or drinking it later, it was probably stress eating! In terms of exercise I recommend weekly that you try to incorporate 3-4 Cardio hours, 3 muscle fatiguing strength sessions, and daily stretch. Joseph Pilates said, “Exercise is yet another facet of a healthy person’s life. No one should care more about your health than you do.” Joseph Pilates

Sufficient sleep is next. To be healthy you need at least 7 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Breath and relaxation of the mind- knowing where your off switch is so you can truly rest your mind- are also essential tools as we learn to more effectively release, relieve, and manage our stress. Breathe in right now. Deeply. Do it again. Don’t you feel better?  Lou Holz says, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

So we love having you come to us! Come more often and glean from our environment. But have confidence that you can do this at home! You can apply the structure of the Oaks- the “Let’s be more healthy” roof, the pillars of exercise and nutrition, and the foundation of healthy socialization and stress relief to your own real life. I am a believer!

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