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We do this wonderful “thing” three times a year here at the Oaks called Mother/Daughter week(s) and it has become a Spa Cult Classic among our loyal guests for so many reasons! This month I am highlighting just a few of our mothers and daughters and their reasons for choosing the Oaks!

“My daughter and I have been coming since 1996. She was 18 years old the first year. Why I come has changed a lot. At first it was all about weight and, “How much did I lose?” As I come back now it’s more about being healthy in body and spirit. It is also a place for fun- not to take yourself too seriously! Mollie and I have a time just for us. We can laugh, pamper ourselves, or just sit and read a book and not say anything. I love this time of just us!” Katie & Mollie

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O=Outstanding! A=Alone time with K=Kaila which is S=SO SPECIAL! “I came to the Oaks 5-6 times alone, but ever since my daughter started college we try to come together. This is our 4th or 5th time now! We love everything about the Oaks!” Ellen & Kaila

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“My daughter and I have treasured the tradition of coming to the Oaks together each year for 26 years! It is a very special place for us!”  Anita & Heather
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“This is our 3rd time- the first was 20 years ago! It’s a nice experience, a half way point between our residences, so great place to meet and have a good time visiting each other and other mothers & daughters. We make special memories during this special time!” Irma & Suzanne

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“I came here first 20 years ago- now my sister and 86 year old mother are with me too! We love our time together at the Oaks!” Katherine, Barbara & Laurie

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“We’ve been coming to the Oaks for 20+ years! It’s a wonderful way to reconnect with ourselves and each other! Over the years we have made friends with other mothers and daughters that we always look forward to seeing. It’s like summer camp for grown ups!” Holly & Marilyn

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“Our clan has been coming here for 34 years! I (Gail) came for the first time when I was 16 years old. This year there were 7 of us. We just love it!” Dru, Melinda, Mary, Gail, & Kathy

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“We’ve been coming to the Oaks for several years. It’s a retreat from city life, a time for renewal and focusing on our minds, bodies, and spirits. And of course, there’s the mother/daughter bonding time! It’s a place and time just for us, bringing us peace of mind and camaraderie! LOVE IT!” Christine & Olivia

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“My mom and I have been coming to Mother/Daughter week twice a year for about 10 years. Before that, my mom and dad came together for about 8 years. We look forward to our time together here, it’s like coming home when we walk through the door. We feel immediately relaxed, love the food, the variety of fitness options, and the beautiful setting of Ojai. It is a cherished experience for us every year. One of the major highlights for us is the people- not just other guests we meet every time we come, but the staff whom we have grown to love as friends. It’s a magical place that we feel blessed to be able to come to year after year.” Glenda & Lois

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“My daughter and I always enjoy staying at the Oaks. We love coming because of the casual atmosphere and friendly staff. This place makes us stop and smell the roses so that we can reconnect with each other as well as grow individually and meet new people. We recharge our batteries by eating healthy food and learning new tricks to take home. The fitness classes are great and the variety offers something to everyone. When we leave and return home it is bittersweet because we will miss the nurture and support of the Oaks Team, the new friends we’ve made, but we feel energized and ready to go back and make a difference in our everyday lives. Thank you Nancy for everything- your help and guidance is priceless!” Barb & Angie

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“We start looking forward to coming back to the Oaks every May when we return home! It’s so special to be able to have the time together to talk, motivate, and inspire each other! After 15 years, we are healthier now then when we first came! It’s always great to have all levels and ages and we look forward to seeing so many return friends and making new friends every year!” Lee & Joan

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“I began at the Palms 40 years ago with my parents! They are both avid believers in a healthy lifestyle and passed that on to their children. They continue to come to the Oaks at 85! I began bringing my daughter 3 years ago. It’s a very special week for both of us to have time together and to “reboot” our commitment to take care of ourselves.” Sandy & Rebecca

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“We love it here! The classes and meals are GREATLY appreciated! We don’t have to worry about the calories in the tasty food like we do everywhere else. We also like the homey atmosphere here more than a more la-de-da Spa!” Aura & Cheryl

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“We’ve been coming to the Oaks for over 10 years now! It started as a 2 night stay and over the years evolved into a 4 night stay. We have watched the Oaks staff and instructors, other guests, and the Oaks itself evolve and change with a few bumps but mostly for the good. The thing that keeps us coming back is the SAME-ness of the quaint and comfortable rooms, the other Mothers and Daughters, the instructors that have been here a long time and recognize us personally. A popular marketing term is “Client Services” but a lot of companies lose sight of the clients in spite of their goals. Your loyal guests return because of the way we are treated, and to see others that are returning too!” Janet & Dianne

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There are SO MANY others that I am missing- if it’s you, forgive me! You have all become a part of the fabulous fabric of the Oaks and we are grateful for your friendship and loyalty! Thank you and to ALL of our fabulous guests, we APPRECIATE YOU!! Happy Summer. I am off to be a mother and a grandmother in Hawaii. My son and wonderful daughter in law welcomed little Lyla into the world April 29th. Emmy became a big “sistew” to her little “brudder” Grant Michael on May 6th. My joy and pride and love cup runs over!

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