Olympian Attitude

Recently my daughter stated the obvious- Emmy, (my almost one year old grand daughter), is, well “quirky”. We laughed, because my daughter’s a little quirky, and I’m just plain weird! I have odd, but for me, happy thoughts when I’m out walking or riding my bike- I charge a hill or run a block and in my mind I’m competing for something big, even if I’m doing something small, this attitude makes me smile and dig in a little saying mentally, “Go for the gold!” I’m not sure that attitude is everything, but I’m positive it’s a big something!

I love watching the Olympics and seeing these hard working athletes pouring their hearts, souls, and bodies into their event. You know the time and sacrifice required to get them there. Most of us are just struggling to find the time and energy to get the bottom line job done, but allow the spirit of the Olympians to cheer you into a new attitude! Attitude, fed by thoughts, is a CHOICE! Attitudes can be changed. Your attitude can affect dramatically your personality, mood, expectations, relationships, opportunities, successes or failures. It matters a LOT!

Here are some Olympic Attitudes:

*Love what you’re doing. If you don’t, try a new activity on for size. We will be more committed to activities and environments that fit our personalities and give us pleasure.  Reconnect with what you love. Are you a dancer? Find a dance floor or class. Love the water? Pull out your cap & goggles. Cardio Babe? Get to class. Runner? Put on those shoes and go!

*Watch your mental chatter. Stop criticizing your body- cut it some slack, even if you’re in the process of remodeling it- negative thoughts about your body will only slow you down.

*Carve the time. We all have the same 24 hours available to us. Prioritize activity into every day, even for 30 minutes. Make it a health appointment that you can’t cancel. You’ll be glad you did.

*Focus on what you CAN do rather than on what’s currently unavailable to you. Revel in it! Don’t worry about 20 years ago- do what you can currently do with enthusiasm and effort.

*Don’t compare- it leads to despair! Focus on personal goals, not on being someone else. Be YOUR best self, don’t pursue trying to look like someone else- it only leads to frustration.

*Set a goal. Maybe train for a 5K for your favorite charity, or tackle a hill you can’t currently climb- whatever you choose, have some fun challenging yourself with something specific. Measure your goal with a timeline that is realistic and fair. Is there a friend who might join you on the journey? Sometimes the trip feels a little less dangerous with a pal!

*Stuck? Hire a trainer or join a gym or get away. There’s a LOT to be said for professionals who are geared to motivate you, keep it fresh, and keep you safe. If it isn’t working at home, go back to a facility. If you have a membership and never go, try pulling out your home tools and get busy. Run away from home and come to the Oaks for some fresh motivation! Get un-stuck.

*Start Somewhere. Every journey begins with one step- take one today- don’t wait!

You too, can be weird, but awaken the Olympian within. Go for the gold and have some fun along the way!

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