Over 40 Beginnings Winner!

They say life begins at 40, and we all agree!

We recently celebrated our 40th anniversary and that prompted the question, “does life really begin at 40”?   To verify that answer we began the #Over40NewBeginnings contest.  Who had the most inspiring Over 40 Beginning story?  Have they endured health obstacles?  Tremendous loss? Major career change?  All of these?  Who had not only survived and overcame but then rose above it to become or do something astonishing?

The winner would receive a weeklong getaway at The Oaks at Ojai.  Relaxing by the pool, eating calorie conscious meals (and we do the dishes!), fun fitness classes…ahhh, they have earned this!

From over 100 nominations, we narrowed it down to 3 amazing stories and asked your friends and family to show their support and vote for the most inspirational.  Over 14,000 votes were cast.  It was a very close race, but we can now announce that the winner is Contestant #3, HEATHER GOODWIN!

Goodwin3-300x300 Over 40 Beginnings Winner!

Heather Goodwin, Winner of 7 night OaksSpa getaway from our #Over40Beginnings contest.

There are many worthwhile stories in the world.  Finalists Nelly Kamel and Terri Johnson were close contenders.  We have great appreciation for their journey – and to everyone who creates new beginnings.

Nelly-Kamel-Over40NewBeginning-300x200 Over 40 Beginnings Winner!

Nelly Kamel #Over40NewBeginnings Candidate


Terri-Johnson-Over40-300x300 Over 40 Beginnings Winner!

Terri Johnson #Over40NewBeginnings Candidate


Heather-Goodwin-Over40NewBeginnings-294x300 Over 40 Beginnings Winner!

Heather Goodwin #Over40NewBeginnings Winner!

And here’s Heather’s original winning nomination.  I would like to nominate my friend, Heather Goodwin. Talk about a new beginning! She truly is an inspiration, losing nearly 300 pounds eating a whole food plant based diet. She did this through hard work, commitment, and true tenacity. She’s an inspiration to many, including me. She is warm, encouraging, and willing to help those who find themselves in the same position. As a women on the other side of 40 myself, I’m in awe of her ability to make wholesale change. She’s a wonderful example of reinventing oneself. I would love to see her win this, I know no one who deserves it more. Please vote for my friend, the incredible, inspiring, Heather!

She has “released” about 300 pounds without surgery or pills. It’s all about the food. You will be amazed to hear her journey and you will fall in love with this wonderful woman.  Please, please consider  her!

Heather is amazing, kind and caring toward all and now especially herself!!!  Heather is an inspiration to thousands and that number will dramatically increase as more people discover and learn of her amazing journey. Heather has been sharing her amazing journey publicly (in numerous formats – online, in person and interviews with many organizations). I’m sharing her first youtube video posted on Mar 9, 2015. Her profile picture shows her progress. Heather bravely and generously shares her story. There are simply not enough words to describe my gratitude to Heather and within seconds of listening to her, you will fall in love. Heather is extraordinary.

A single Mother who raised 2 children alone with very little means and is currently battling cancer, she has managed to inspire so many others with her YouTube channel by losing 300 pounds from her highest weight of 468 pounds.  She is about to undergo a serious operation and I don’t think anyone is more deserving than Heather!


The fine print:  Only OaksSpa.com votes counted. We must be able to share the #over40beginnings stories and winner on our social media channels.  7 night stay at The Oaks is based on single occupancy in a private room.  Transportation is not included.  Winner will have 12 months to redeem their prize.