Resolution Needed?

There’s something about January that BEGS for resolution, doesn’t it? Can’t say I’ve ever been a big New Years Resolution fan, but I am a believer that any day is a good day to decide to make good, healthy, positive changes. So this is a working article- you do the work of answering these questions and they may spark a desire for a healthier you!

1. What does “Healthy” mean to you? (What is present/absent in a “healthy” person?) Do you consider yourself a “healthy” person is some ways, in no way, or in every way? Is being healthy honestly a priority to you?

2. What do you think about? Are your thoughts about yourself, others, life, and the world generally positive or negative? You CAN control what you think about!

3. What do you believe? Remind yourself! Core values create boundaries, security, structure, viewpoint, and community.  Don’t underestimate the healthy power of faith.

4. How are your key relationships? Pleasing interaction is as essential to our health as good nutrition & exercise. Don’t isolate! Plug into those who make a positive difference in your life.

5. How are things at work? The most productive & effective workers have balanced lives on every level.  They take breaks, leave for lunch, use their time off, and work a 40 hour or less week.

6. Are you living comfortably in your body? Settle your genetic score (what you cannot change) and determine what is presently available to you that you would realistically consider optimum and do what you need to do to move towards that goal.

7.  What is your current relationship with food? Is it in a “good” place, or in need of some adjustment? What are you comfortable with, and what area (amount of food, substance of food choices, eating at appropriate times) do you need to work on? Do you need help to change this relationship?

8. Evaluate how much exercise you are doing- is it enough? Your body needs 3-4 cardio hours a week, 3 strong strength sessions, and daily stretch. What are you doing regularly and what needs to be consistently added in?

9. What do you value most in life? True “life treasures” are revealed not by what we think they are or say they are, they are revealed by our priorities- how we spend our time and money and what we allow to interrupt us. Are your life treasures meaningful?

10. What in your life do you believe needs to be rearranged?

11.  How would you like to be remembered?

12.  If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

13. When do you feel the most happy, alive, and energetic?

Joseph Pilates said, “No one should care more about your health than you do.”

Well said, Joe. I agree and I encourage YOU to care more about your own health this year than you ever have before. We are here at the Oaks to help you make the changes worth making and to cheer you on every step of the way!

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