Sneak Fitness Into Your Shower

Ben Franklin, one of the founders of this country, said, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”  With everything we do these days, Ben wouldn’t be able to keep up with those of us who could hold an Olympic Gold Medals in Multitasking.
That’s why sharing “sneaky fitness tips” has always been a hot topic at the Oaks at Ojai and when I lecture at events and on cruises.  Have you dreamed of getting a bit more exercise in an already over-schedule day?  Great news, you can do it in your shower.   A shower workout will not take the place of your daily brisk walk, but with some thought that “must do” event of the day will give you more time for yourself, something every multi-takers craves.
The workout is simple and here are the techniques:
Shower yourself with praise:  Time in the shower gives you the opportunity think about your goals and plan healthy options.  As you’re showering, talk out loud or to yourself, focus on the positive.  Too often we only give ourselves credit for half the things others admire about us.  Let the water stream over you and remind yourself of the good things that are in your life, family, friends, companion animals and the freedom to choose so many ways to live.
Shower yourself with health:  Think about your day and how you can eat more whole grains rather than processed breads, cakes and cookies.  Focus on how you can select protein sources that will nourish not overload your body such as lean meat, fish with omega 3’s, nonfat dairy and eggs. Make decisions about having vegetables become a larger portion of your eating plan, especially this summer when the farmer’s markets are crammed with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, and summer squashes.  Perhaps even schedule that day to eat a vegan menu.
Set Shower Goals for Your Skin:   Is it time for a facial or to discuss skin concerns with a dermatologist?  After the shower, check at every nook and cranny of your body for moles or rough spots that aren’t “quite right.”  You might want to do this once a month and if you’re concerned visit your doctor.   Nothing says “youthful” like soft elbows, feet and hands.  Invest in a loofa or scrubby to defoliate rough patches on your feet and then treat these areas with extra rich, revitalizing moisturizers.  Make a promise to wear sunscreen and reapply it per the package’s directions.  Wear a hat when you’re outdoors.
Shower yourself with ways to feel great about yourself.  Increase the relaxation of your shower workout by using soaps or a body wash.  For instance, start the morning with a mint-infused body wash.  For the evening, try one with lavender.  Baby your hair with a long, moisturizing treatment.  Choose some facial products to apply before the shower and then rinse at the end.

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