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Defying Gravity

Have you seen the play, “Wicked”? Great show, with the apex being a song called, “Defying Gravity”.  Love it. Worked for her, but for us 50 to 70 something gals, it’s not as simple as a catchy tune. Aside from nipping, tucking, and lifting surgically, let’s face it, just like Newton’s apple, breasts, underarms, bellies,… Read more »

Resolution Needed?

There’s something about January that BEGS for resolution, doesn’t it? Can’t say I’ve ever been a big New Years Resolution fan, but I am a believer that any day is a good day to decide to make good, healthy, positive changes. So this is a working article- you do the work of answering these questions and they may spark… Read more »

A Dog Can Improve Your Health!

It’s not a stretch to say that our pets really do improve our health profile, if we are being good care givers, especially to our canine family members! October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog” month so if you’ve been on the fence about having a pet, especially a doggie, let me encourage you to say YES! Having… Read more »