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Defying Gravity

Have you seen the play, “Wicked”? Great show, with the apex being a song called, “Defying Gravity”.  Love it. Worked for her, but for us 50 to 70 something gals, it’s not as simple as a catchy tune. Aside from nipping, tucking, and lifting surgically, let’s face it, just like Newton’s apple, breasts, underarms, bellies,… Read more »

Food for Thought

Food for Thought:  There’s More To It Than Food I got so inspired the other day while moderating a conversation during Food for Thought, a program that we offer weekly at The Oaks from the perspective of Elizabeth, Nancy, myself or a guest speaker. There were about eight guests present during my session, and I… Read more »

It’s Spring, Push Yourself Ahead!

Daylight savings time jumps at us with the enthusiasm of a joyful five-year old that cannot wait to get out and play.  That’s why I like it and with that extra time in the evenings it’s perfect to re-establish determination to get and stay healthy, flexible and youthful, regardless of the date on our driver’s… Read more »