The Power of One!

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You’ve heard the phrase, “What a difference a day makes,” I want to change that a little to say, “What a difference one change makes!” The power of one healthy change is like a pebble thrown into a pond that doesn’t seem like much but it makes a ripple that spreads out subtly and stubbornly much further than one would expect it to!

The power of one change is real to me in real time! Last fall I got on my bike one morning instead of hopping in my car and drove to work. I found I loved riding home especially and letting my head clear after work. I had to remind myself every morning for about a month to ride my bike- it would have been easy to forget and grab the keys, but I left my little hat and sunglasses out on the counter on TOP of my car keys to remind myself that I was doing a new thing! After a month that was the new norm and it was now a settled habit. A year later I still ride my bike back and forth to work, sometimes twice a day.

So what’s the power in that one change? It healed my knee for one thing. I know that bikes and water and good for knees but I wasn’t successfully and consistently doing either of these good things I knew to do. (Check out my old article titled, “It isn’t what you KNOW it’s what you DO that counts.”) In a couple of months I realized that the ache I had gotten used to in one knee was actually GONE! My legs looked better than they have in years, and I had a nice little tan going on to boot! Now I’m talking about a 10 minute ride downhill to work, a 15 minute ride uphill back home- not too impressive, but that little bit went a long way!

Sometimes we do nothing because we can’t do it all- this perfectionism has to go! In lieu of the ideal, just DO something! Everything you do is better than anything you don’t do at all in terms of healthy life changes and moving more! They say that “Sedentary is the new Smoking.” It’s a killer! So if you spend too much time sitting what will YOU do different today, and for the next 30 days until it’s rote?

Studies suggest that integrating even small movements and changing body position makes a big daily difference. Getting up for 2-3 minutes an hour and stretching or walking adds up to 15-20 minutes a day. This is good! My weekly prescription is about 3-4 cardio hours, 3 strong strength sessions, and daily stretch (integrating muscle lengthening, joint mobility, deep breathing, balance and a quiet mind) for 10 minutes or more. There you have it in little bite sized chunks!

Why wait another day? Is there a small healthy pebble that you can throw into your life pond that will make some subtle and positive ripples? Don’t wait- put it in place and see what comes of it! Explore the POWER of ONE!

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