Tips for Active Retirement

Retirement?  Does the word make you sigh?  Or are you there already and sigh because, well, quite honestly it’s not what you thought it would be?
There is a boatload of material on the Internet and maybe in your living room about things to do when you retire, but what this material rarely says is that retired people, even when eating well and exercising moderately, gain two pounds a year.  Working people gained less, according to researcher Dr. Deborah Houston, at Wake Forrest University School of Medicine. ActiWhile that doesn’t sound terrible shocking, if you’ve been retired five years, you’re already ten pounds over a comfortable weight and yes, there’s more to come.
Why?  It’s the big slow down and even in the years prior to retirement people put on extra weight.  That’s dangerous, not just to one’s ego, but because internal organs cannot function well surrounded by unwanted body fat, knees and joints are not meant to carry extra weight and there are at least a dozen deadly diseases attributed to being obese.
Don’t leave your future health to chance.  You certainly didn’t do that with your finances, but what about your body?  If you’re concerned about any health-related issues or need to get a regular check up, including dental check up, do it now.  Retirement is your new “job” and taking care of your health is essential.
Re-engineer your thoughts.  It’s easy to choose a retirement mind frame where there are no “musts.  Like a teenager during summer vacation, retirees sometimes stay up too late and sleep too late in the morning.  Go on, do that for a month or so, and then join the world again.  If you have dreams and want to stay fit and healthy, you’ll need a schedule, as you had during those working years.  I still lead walks and teach classes at the Oaks at Ojai, as you know.  Now I’m ice skating, spending time with my grandkids and traveling.  Approaching retirement a decision must be made:  Will you choose TV shows or computer games over socializing with family and friends?  A yes just might mean weight gain and perhaps even depression.

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