What Do YOU Do?

I was recently asked this question by a guest who listened to one of my lectures, which is general, and wanted to know specifically what I personally do with my food and exercise habits. (She was impressed that I’m 52, and also asked me if I have had any “work” done. The answer is, “no”, unless you consider a good moisturizer “work”!) So here is an idea of my personal regime, for what it’s worth!

I consider myself somewhat average in regard to food and exercise. I am not super extreme and don’t make a lot of rules for myself. I am, however, and extremely consistent person and find that this quality has held me in good stead for my 52 years!

Food wise, I like to eat. In general, I like to eat well! Here’s an average day for me.


Coffee first. Always, one good, strong cup of Joe with a little raw sugar and half & half. On to the food! My current favorite is a breakfast oat & nut cake- my healthy version of a pancake, which I made up. I combine 2 T. raw oats with 2 T. mixed raw pecans, almonds, & sunflower seeds plus 1 t. flax seeds and raw unsweetened coconut. I throw in an egg, cinnamon, and blueberries and mix it up, fry it in a bit of coconut oil, and top with more coconut oil or mix that with a little butter and top with a LITTLE pure maple syrup. MMMMM. I am usually satisfied until lunch. I also sometimes make breakfast smoothies of almond milk, water, fruit, avocado, powder chlorophyll, and no sugar added whey protein powder. Double MMMM.

Standard standby- oatmeal with fresh fruit and raw nuts, OR baked or fried eggs, goat cheese, & veggies (LOTS of veggies) with a slice of Ezekiel bread


I am blessed to be allowed to eat lunch at the Oaks most days! Salads galore plus a variety of meals just like you eat when you’re here! My goal is to MAX my proteins & veggies and MINIMIZE my carbs & sugars.


My hubby’s the chef and a grill master, so it’s the meat or fish he makes that’s the star, supplemented with a big salad or lots of veggies and usually brown rice and lentils too. Here’s one of my “rules of thumb” or fist, in this case. When I make a salad or stir fry my goal is to use a handful of rainbow veggies- that means at least 5 different types and 5 different colors.

I am a fan of Ezekiel bread and sometimes toast that with a bit of butter or goat cheese- YUM!


I try to “keep it real” by not fully depriving myself. I LOVE an apple with almond butter as a snack, the Oaks high potassium broth, veggies & cottage cheese, and plain Greek yogurt with some of my home made granola with about ten 70% cocoa chips! (Here’s my home made sugar free granola recipe: I soften coconut oil in a skillet, add vanilla, a dash of salt, & cinnamon. I bake @ 350 for about 30 minutes, turning every 10, until it’s the color I want. Then I add raw almonds & pecans, sunflower & flax seeds, dried fruit and unsweetened coconut. SO good!

I don’t do very much alcohol- it has to be an occasion, so maybe once a month for me.


I stick to good water for the most part, other than my one cup of coffee in the morning, and before dinner I like either a sparkling water or some decaf iced tea. Big splurge!


As far as exercise goes, I am more than grateful to get to do this as a JOB! YEAH!

I am very committed to my canines, so they get a 20-30 minute bike ride or walk/run twice a day. I get in 4-5 strength sessions a week, varying Pilates, Yoga, Bands, & weights.

I stretch for 45 minutes 3 times a week and try to lengthen a little the other days.


That’s another whole article, right? Let me say briefly my philosophy- you can’t take everything, and in a perfect world, none of us would have to take anything “extra”, but in our imperfect world, supplement what may be missing or necessary SPECIFICALLY for you. The only things I take are things I feel are personally needed, like Glucosamine because I’ve had knee surgery and the Surgeon told me to! Don’t over do, but do take what you believe is helpful.

That’s it! I’m a book worm and a Gamma and am busy with work and friends and teaching and studying and teens and music, so my life ISN’T just all obsessed and absorbed with food and exercise at all! I have a full and varied life style that for the most part works for me. I have learned above all over the years that information is NOT power unless it’s implemented. A little bit of use consistently goes a long way- much further than a lot of head knowledge that is not utilized. My personal goal is to be balanced in my life physically, spiritually, relationally, occupationally, mentally, and emotionally. I desire sincerely to be a healthy, well rounded woman- to age gracefully, stay strong, and avoid injury and surgery! What’s your goal?

Re-clarify it for yourself and write your OWN story!

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