Your Food Philosophy

I believe that part of being a healthy person is to know and to exemplify what you believe and why you believe it on every front. One of these fronts would be developing and understanding your personal food philosophy.

We act out of our true belief systems all the time, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, making decisions that on one level or another make sense to us. What we believe at any given time in our life must be open to scrutiny. Why? As life goes on we discover that not everything we have ever believed is actually true. Every now and then it’s a good thing to delve into our life philosophies, which are simply our beliefs as evidenced by our behaviors. So in regard to food, let’s take the time to examine what we believe healthy eating entails under a bright light in order to determine whether or not adjustments are needed.

Mull over/journal YOUR food philosophy in regard to the following:
*MEAT- all, some, or none? What kind? How often? What source? How much?
*FAT- are you “fat phobic?” Do you know good fats vs. bad fats? How much?
*DAIRY- nonfat? Lowfat? Whole? Cow? Soy? Almond? Coconut? Why?
*FRUITS- do you consider them free food? Are you aware of the sugar values?
*VEGETABLES- organic? Local? Raw? Cooked? Are you eating enough of them?
*GLUTEN- Yes? No? Maybe? Why are you saying yes, no or maybe?
*SUGAR- How much per day? From what source? How about fake stuff?
*SODIUM- How salty is your diet? Is it OK, or is it too much?
*PRESERVATIVES, ADDITIVES, FILLERS- How do you feel about these?
*ALCOHOL- Where does it fit in? How much is appropriate daily/weekly?
*OTHER BEVERAGES- What’s your beverage of choice? Do you drink enough water? How much is enough? Are you in taking too many liquid calories? Too much caffeine?
*RESTAURANT EATING- Can you make healthy choices at places you frequent?
*SOCIAL EATING- Are you comfortable saying, “No thank you,” or do you do a lot of, “I don’t want it but I’ll feel bad if I don’t have some” eating?
*CANNED/FROZEN/BOXED FOOD- Do you think it’s, “Not that bad?”
*WHEN DO YOU EAT? Frequently, before you’re starving, or do you wait until you are super deprived before you eat. Do you think this is healthy?
*WHY DO YOU EAT? Are you aware of being hungry? Do you know when you’re full? Do you feel attuned to any disordered eating habits, and if so, are you honest and clear about them? Are you actively pursuing overcoming them?

Each of these could be an article, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few hot topics that you can add in for your own journey. Our destination here is honest personal assessment. Once we’re honest about what we actually think and believe about healthy eating, we can examine our current beliefs carefully and decide what can stay, what needs to be added in, and what needs to definitely go! It’s not easy to change, but it’s not impossible.

“Eat what you love, Love what you eat, Own what you eat.”

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